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Headshots: A professional headshot communicates who you are to potential employers, customers, or business associates. I provide headshot services for actors, models, and dancers that require a more artistic flare. Actors, models, and dancers should come with natural hair and makeup and plain clothes like a white t-shirt and jeans. Make sure you are well groomed in order to create a good first impression visually. I will work with you to create a flattering and professional image, but I also suggest coming in with knowledge about how you would like to pose. Look at other people’s headshots to see what kind of message you would like to send, and I will always have suggestions of my own. A high quality headshot shows that you care about your visual brand and how you present yourself to the public. In a world where everything is online, you need to be able to stand out in a crowd with a professional headshot that captures your essence.


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